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What we do

We create a complete solar experience for every energy need

Empowering indigent communities with solar energy and offering turnkey
renewable energy solutions for the agricultural, residential and commercial
sectors throughout Africa.


Specialized Solar Systems offers well-researched sustainable solar solutions and innovative products; specialising in application-specific design, accurate energy assessments, prompt system implementation, inclusive training, and exceptional support.

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Commercial solar solutions

It makes sense to work with a reliable and experienced installation partner with an established track record that Specialized Solar Systems confidently offers the commercial sector

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Residential solar solutions

At Specialized Solar Systems our in-house experts will advise you about all the available solar solutions options to cater for your immediate energy needs and future requirements

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Utility-based solar energy solutions

A world first, utility-based integrated solar energy solution now fully operational with over 10 000 managed solar homes offering a variety of remotely managed energy & payment solutions.

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Agriculture solar solutions

Specialized Solar Systems has full in-house capabilities to design, build, and install a variety of solar power and water pumping solutions for most agricultural purposes

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Solar Power Stations

Meet our SS20

Our SS20 DC micro grid range of solar products are ideal for scattered environments where the distance between installations is large and the demographics sparse. Along with energy access, customers are provided with efficient DC powered appliances that improve their quality of life. These appliances support the very basics of indigent energy needs and progress to more expensive comfort appliances enhancing the available options to a customer as their energy requirements grow.

25 000


2 000

tonnes CO2 savings p/a

100 000

People serviced (avg)


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Solar Edge

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CIDB Accredited

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Some of our Customers

Botswana Goverment

RSA Department
of Energy

Namibian High Commision

the use of renewable energy as a driver for equality acceleration and socio-economic transformation.

Proven energy supply business models

Based on a pay-for-energy-usage business model and using solar power generation for energy delivery, a percentage of recaptured revenue supports product expansion, employment and sustainability.

Roll-out of solar electrification on a utility scale

With many successful projects completed in collaboration with universities, governmental organizations, NGOs and businesses, this approach has fostered economic transformation in disconnected and indigent communities with new business start-ups, job creation and possibilities.
Specialized Solar Systems offers an exciting new ecosystem approach for the supply of energy to locations that are beyond the reach of grid supply systems in Africa.
Our passion: Empowering indigent communities with renewable clean energy as a catalyst for equality acceleration and socio-economic transformation.

Things to consider why going green is the best option

The average solar system in South Africa will prevent between 1.75 – 2.05 tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere per year.

Electricity prices forecast to surge by 93% over an 8-year period [source: Times Live].

A solar system adds real capital value to your home.

The possibility of not having a power bill for the next 25-40 years. Solar systems last for 25 years with an 80% yield, though they have been known to perform for over 45 years.

Your energy use and the size of your solar energy system will determine the actual savings. With little or no start-up costs, systems start paying for themselves immediately and increase each year as the cost of electricity rises. A typical return on investment is usually around 15-20%.

There are three main types of residential solar installations

A solar system that connects the solar panel installation with the main electricity grid is known as a grid-tied solar power system and if legislation allows, you will be able to feed excess energy back into the grid through a special meter, and when legislation allows you will be financially rewarded.

An off-grid solar power system generally for remote properties where the cost of connecting to the main grid is prohibitive or not financially viable. The solar system charges a battery bank which in turn is used to power a house. A generator may be used as a backup to the battery system.

A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system — including the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits (legislation applicable) — with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity.

Factors to take into consideration when going solar

The cost of your solar system depends on several factors including your current energy usage, your available unshaded roof space, your utility’s (Eskom’s) metering policy and other factors.

Normally solar panels will be installed as discreetly as possible on your roof, but if you prefer they can also be erected free-standing elsewhere on your property.

Solar panel orientation is dependent on the installations latitude.  As a rule of thumb, maximum solar energy in South Africa is obtained by having the solar panels face north and tilted upwards at an angle of 30 degrees.

Look for professionals who can offer you strong warranties, good after sales support and have a proven track record.

There is substantial tax benefits by making use of solar energy

Specialized Solar System’s dedicated commercial solar solutions team

will carefully examine your energy profile and work within your financial goals to present the most appropriate and optimal commercial solar powered offerings available with ongoing support.

Making the investment in a sustainable solar solution not only significantly reduces your business carbon footprint,

you will be making real and measurable positive change for the planet and transforming the profitability and branding credentials of your business, thereby  gaining a competitive edge by showing your commitment to sustainability.

Up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs with renewable energy

Protect your business against foreseeable increases in utility prices with solar energy


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