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The ENERGYPOD energy solution

The ENERGYPOD is a powerful decentralized energy generation and storage solution where components are housed inside an industrial-grade 3mm stainless-steel enclosure. These units make use of ‘NERSA Approved’ low-frequency inverters in conjunction with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) and, or with zinc bromide(ZnBr) storage for durable long-term energy security.

Designed for rapid deployment, the ENERGYPOD is modular and supports energy distribution in a micro-grid format, where multiple units can be connected to one another.

ENERGYPODS are available in various configurations and functionality, such as: basic off-grid energy supply, hybrid grid-tie energy supply, billable energy and consumption management with multiple switchable lines (outputs), and advanced home load management.

Each ENERGYPOD is designed proportionally to the energy demands of a specific project and can be manufactured in various sizes. .


What’s in the box

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3 x Victron Multiplus II


3 X Victron Multiplus II


Single and three phase support


LiFePO₄ and, or ZnBr Storage

Storage capacity

51.200 kWh


13 kWp


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  • All prices are ex-factory in George, South Africa.

  • Prices are subject to fluctuation and cannot be guaranteed for more than 24 hours.

  • Collection is at SSS factory in George.

  • All prices exclude shipping costs.

  • Payment to be made via EFT and must clear bank account before collection.

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Cindy Liebenberg
Cindy Liebenberg
From the word go when Bobby gave us a quote, to installation by Dylan and Evert, to Madoda the electrician to Lee and Wian info session we are so impressed with you all. Professional and efficient service. Thank you and God bless
Frans Marx
Frans Marx
Great service, friendly and helpful. Great after sales service as well. Very happy.
Gareth McDonald
Gareth McDonald
SkyNet Solar is proud to be an Associated Partner of SSS. It's an absolute privilege to work with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team!! The ongoing product development and innovation is truly impressive. We have been incredibly impressed with the quality and reliability of the EnergyDock and StorageDock range, as have our customers.
cfv village
cfv village
I did quite a bit of due diligence before embarking on a solar system and choosing a company to do it for us. I consulted Electricians & Electrical Engineers and time and again SSS and the products they recommend were highlighted. Ray Nolan gave excellent technical advice to suit our budget & needs. Lee Naidoo and his team did an excellent installation. Great Installation & brilliant service SSS team! Eugene Marais
Les Stephens
Les Stephens
One stop shop to beat the power failures. Has everything for all your needs.
Martin Warnes
Martin Warnes
The guys at Approved Solar provided a very high quality and professional service They were extremely helpful, providing answers when needed and keeping us up to date. The installation far exceeded my expectations and unlike what is the norm these days the service provided was above and beyond. I would have no hesitation recommending any solution recommened by these guys.
Ben Olivier
Ben Olivier
Bobby and his team were awesome. The whole experience from the quote to delivery was seamless. They work neat and with pride. I cannot believe how neat the whole installation was. I would highly recommend them!
Alda Lambrechts
Alda Lambrechts
Thank you to Bobby and the team for excellent work!!!!

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